Make your database your competitive advantage

Xeo is a cloud application that we customize to fit your business. Migrate your Access, Excel or Filemaker database to the cloud so you can run your business from any device.


Software Your Way

Grow your business with software that fits your exact needs, and integrates with the software you already love.


Xeo is a complete application which can easily be customized for unique challenges.
Rapid Development
In a hurry? You can start using Xeo immediately and we can code custom modules in 2-3 weeks.
Cloud Based
Access the database from a desktop or phone and from the office or home.
Xeo integrates with third party solutions to support payment processing, document storage, maps, you name it.
Xeo is based on SQL Server which never gets corrupted and supports millions of rows without slowing down.
Source Code
Own intellectual property. With Xeo you have access to the source code.
Secure Socket Layer provides the same encryption used by banks.
Hide sensitive data or track changes as needed.
Customer Portal
Your customers can check the status of their account in a portal that implements your web design and web address.
Why Xeo?


Customized solutions that
fit your budget.
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Base Module

We start your custom solution with our full-featured base module to dramatically reduce the time and money needed to meet your unique challenges. See features

Overnight Development

Our code templates allow us to rapidly code your custom designs.

Tailored Solution

We customize our solution to meet your needs, so you get a great fit.

Source Code

Our license includes access to the source code so your investment is protected.

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How does Xeo
Address Cost & Schedule?
Every project is built on the Microsoft stack and utilizes the same stable and proven engineering approach that we have evolved over many years. We consistently deliver great results on schedule.
We can start Xeo immediately, including the import of clean contact data.
We can typically deliver a custom module in two or three weeks.
Our company was founded in 2001 and our development team is stable with turnover close to zero. We can support you for years to come.
Xeo has features that compete with leading SaaS solutions. But unlike SaaS, Xeo is where we start developing custom database software, so we can reduce the cost by 80%.